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The fall season Northeast rankings include high schools from Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont. The rankings are updated every Monday through the rest of the fall season.

1Nashua South (R.I.)18-0-1*
2La Salle (R.I.)18-1-2*
3Essex (Vt.)15-0-2*
4Brookline (Mass.)14-3-6*
5Arlington (Mass.)13-1-5*
6Farmington (Conn.)17-3-1*
7William Hall (Conn.)13-1-4*
8Stonington (Conn.)19-1-0*
9Lexington (Mass.)14-3-3*
10Leominster (Mass.)16-1-2*
11Norwell (Mass.)21-0-2*
12Belchertown (Mass.)17-2-4*
13Yarmouth (Maine)17-0-2*
14Staples (Conn.)13-3-4*
15Cheshire (Conn.)12-5-2*
16Xavier (Conn.)16-1-2*
17Newton North (Mass.)16-3-4*
18Fairfield Prep (Conn.)14-3-1*
19Norwalk (Conn.)17-3-2*
20Marshwood (Maine)16-2-1*

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